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Bait Omar

There has been a restaurant in the old Ammani house, that is now Bait Omar, for over 30 years. A few years ago it changed owners and was completely refurbished. The new owners kept the traditional vibe but upgraded the menu. They specialize in traditional Middle Eastern food and grilled meats and one of the new additions is the Rashoof shot you are served as soon as you sit down. It’s a traditional Jordanian soup made with Jameed and other ingredients. It serves as an amuse bouche that immediately sets you up for the amazing flavors of your meal. The restaurant is perfect for both friday family lunch and a night out with a group of friends. The terrace offers a breezy sitting area during the summer months. We recommend focusing on the amazing variety of appetizers and arabic mezze the come with freshly baked arabic bread and ordering the mixed grill as the main course. On some nights you can order a shisha with your meal, and if you are lucky, you might be treated to performance by Jordanian superstar Omar Al-Abdullat, who the restaurant is named after. Bait Omar is on the expensive side but its prices are comparable to other similar restaurants in Amman.