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Grill Royal

Grill Royal feels like it’s been around forever – since 2007 to be exact. It’s larger than life: panoramic windows granting luxurious views of the river Spree, whilst their famous meats are aging slowly in equally panoramic glass fridges that cover a whole wall of the restaurant. Stephan Landwehr and his business partner Boris Radczun were the first to host the new, glamorous, moneyed Berlin. Today, and another five restaurants later, “the Grill“ remains as their masterpiece: an irresistible combination of decent and decadent food with classical wines, all set in a grand, dimly lit room full of beautiful people. The atmosphere is electric and laidback, this audience know how to play their parts. At Grill Royal, Charlize Theron meets George Clooney meets Leonardo DiCaprio when in Berlin, the rest is filled up with an international art crowd, fashionistas and politicians. Prime beef cuts with Sauce Béarnaise, green beans and bistro style fries is standard fare, washed down with magnums of wine. After dinner the party is spinning on at King Size, a seedy bar around the corner, also operated by the Grill people.