where you need to eat right now

The latest addition to a growing list of sommelier driven slightly hipsterish “high-quality low price” natural wine joints is Ancestrale on Vesterbro. On the tongue-twisting but sleepy little street Oehlenschlaegergade you will find this laidback living room space serving small and simple but seasonal-with-an-attitude dishes, happily rooted in what once was the New Nordic Cuisine. Right now; potatoes and raw mushrooms, or a plate of goats cheese with Jerusalem artichokes and morel dust. Humble ingredients, bragging with flavours. In addition to that plethora of creative joy the skilled people at Ancestrale will be more than happy to get you drunk in a multitude of diverse and ambitious manner of ways. Heavy on the natural wines, naturally, since the gang all share illustrious pasts at Noma, Studio and iconic wine bar Ved Stranden 10. Gracefully, artfully, hedonistically yours for the night.