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Another member of the new Christianshavn Trifecta is Barr. The restaurant that had the nerves to open in the exact same address that held the holy grail of Scandinavian cuisine Noma. With the latter still being partner as with 108, although silent, head chef Thorsten Schmidt returned to the Cph dining scene after a stint in Aarhus to open a restaurant that draws on a culinary mix of the northern European countries and the so called European “beer belt”. With Barr being an old Nordic word for barley the beer list is far bigger than the wine list and the dishes created as artistic, fluffy light and beautiful but relevant versions of classics from the region such as schnitzel and frikadeller. The latter being caramelized in a substance that the chef calls “barrmite” is probably the most comforting thing you’ll ever have. Look out for sourdough pancakes with ants, caviar and truffle – it’s a must!