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One of the lesser known but very succesfull chefs of the ever expanding Copenhagen dining scene, Henrik Jyrk, has for years delighted diners with his playful and tasty creations at Restaurant Kul in Kødbyen. With his new place Ibu, meaning mother in Malaysian, he takes a step towards Malaysian, Singaporean and pacific rim cuisine mixing flavours and techniques in his usual uncompromising and delightful style. In a relaxed but urbanely stylish pre-party atmosphere he kicks off dinner with a paratha with onion and lardons, followed by oysters with sake gell, a great tatar of oxe with nashi pear and his already famous softshell crab serving with warm spices. And the deliciousness goes on and on. At Jyrks Ibu it’s all about taste. He calls his cuisine Asian Fusion. Whatever that is – it’s damned tasty! It’s naughty and the taste combos are distinctively his own and that is something the Copenhagen dining scene needs more of.