where you need to eat right now

A visit to Copenhagen is not complete without indulging in a feast involving the traditional danish open sandwich, served only for lunch. Alas the ”Smørrebrød”, as it is called around here, have spent years in the shadows of the New Nordic wave, but in a rapid decline. Finally it’s back. The open sandwich has sprung to life once again in what can only be billed a small culinary revolution led on by the young team at Restaurant Palægade. Rest assured, they are traditional in flavours and products, but innovative in the craftmanship (which basically means they are not lazy and sloppy cooks) and in the evenings they serve up classic danish dishes since smørrebrød is a big no-no at night. Expect marinated herrings and fried fresh fish and tartars and eggs, in a relaxed and informally designed space. Lots of great wines to choose from, but you, you ask for the aquavit card, don’t you.