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How many times haven’t you thought: what Cph really needs is a Jungle Bodega? No? Me neither. But now it’s here – and it’s glorious! Karlos Ponte the Venezuelan king of Copenhagen delighted diners and critics with Taller, a fine dining restaurant with culinary roots in his troubled home country. Now it’s time for a looser concept taking us from Venezuela to Peru, star chef Diego Munoz is a collaborator, and Mexico. PMY standing for Papa(potatoes), Yuca and Maiz gives us a thrilling ride through jungle inspired specialities and mama-cuisine from the three countries and wonderfull, punchy cocktails as well as a short but to the point wine list. The crab taco is marvelous, so is the delicada de pina not to speak of the warm comfort of the hen and chili tortelloni. Expect homy food with huge taste in a relaxed atmosphere with Karlos Ponte himself being the perfect host.