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A classic before it even opened. Copenhageners can’t seem to get enough of Rosio Sanchez, the former famed pastry chef of Noma, and her take on Mexican cuisine. And rightfully so. After having taught the good people of scandinavias gastronomic capitol about the wonders of tacos through her immensely popular taco shops at Torvehallerne and in Kødbyen she has now taken on the fine dining scene with her first real shot at a proper restaurant “Sanchez” on Istedgade. Smack in the middle of hipster haven Vesterbro. You will find Mexican classics like tortillas, chicharones and guacamole on the menu. Of course. But if you’re looking for new interpretations of classic Mexican dishes and ingredients you will not be disappointed either. There will be oysters with jalapenos, mole with soy cured eggyolk and fried grasshoppers, there will be soft shell crab in burned chili, there will be grilled potatoes, there will be dirty carnitas and don’t worry there will be paletas for dessert. Huge flavours from great ingredients served in a buzzing but laid back atmosphere. Don’t forget to hit the mezcal cocktails hard when you are there, especially the one with rosehip and vermouth.