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It’s hard to find a chef in Copenhagen more on top of his game right now than Torsten Vildgaard. He went from sorcerer's apprentice as souschef at Noma for 5 years to full blown master magician in his own right and now entering his fourth year at the helm of the much smaller restaurant Studio. Located in the beautiful old customs building at the Copenhagen Harbourfront, it perfectly overlooks old Noma from a convenient distance. His skilled and highly seasonal approach to locally sourced top produce is paired with a strong and distinctive personal style. It’s a top drawer experience for anyone coming to Copenhagen for that particularly beautiful and clean, but not too dogmatic, nordic extravanganza. Watch out for his iconic dish involving the blockbuster combination caviar and walnut milk or the near genius combo of celery with fermented cepes and unripe strawberries and truffle. Studio is perhaps the most underrated of all Nordic avant-garde restos, but it’s here to stay and should be on your itinerary.