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1300 Taberna

First there was the 2780 Taberna. Nuno Barros was the head chef of a 20 seat restaurant with a tasting menu changing every 15 days. We could say it was avant-garde (at least in Lisbon) and courageous for a 2007 restaurant calling themselves an experimental kitchen. The daring menu, accessible price and good sense of humor in the decorations and name of plates, made it one of the most imaginative and inteligent restaurants in the city at the time. In 2011, Nuno Barros decided to move to LX Factory - one of the most important manufacturing complex in Lisbon’s history converted into an industrial style co-working and shop location. Again, the postal code gave name to his restaurant and 1300 Taberna was born. It’s a restaurant that surprises with its menu, wine selection and the vintage decoration combining with his neighbours at LX Factory. The chairs, tables and big chandeliers set the time but the menu is contemporary. The menu has Portuguese and Spanish influences with plates such as sea bass with vegetables cooked in “Bulhão Pato” (a traditional Portuguese broth made with clams, garlic and cilantro) or the charcoal grilled black pork.