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Café Garrett

After having a successful restaurant just outside Lisbon, chef Leopoldo Garcia Calhau had the opportunity to bring his “comfort and memory food” to downtown Lisbon in 2016, more precisely inside the D. Maria II National Theater. The setting is more urban but the concept continues intact: having a menu without instruction guides, working with seasonal products. Some of the dishes came to Lisbon with chef Leopoldo such as the asparagus and celery, the cod or the ratatouille but others are new like the duck confit ravioli or the bream, cockles and potatoes (gnocchis). Café Garrett has a lunchtime menu which includes an appetizer, main and dessert with a glass of wine and coffee (15€). Leopoldo has also created a menu fully dedicated to his background in Alentejo and it includes 5 dishes (35€ only served to groups of 2/4/6/8). For dessert, never forget Leopoldo’s mother old time recipe, the walnut pudding. A way to heaven. From time to time, there is Portuguese brunch on Sundays i.e. a delicious traditional chickpea, meat and sausage stew.