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In Belém — Lisbon’s most touristy neighbourhood — away from the egg tart line at Confeitaria de Belém and just in front of the calm and breezy river waterfront, there is a fine dining restaurant where the sense of culture, history and Portuguese cuisine and flavours are very well noted. At Feitoria chef João Rodrigues and team take you on a journey through the deep waters where fishermen risk their lives each day along the Portuguese coast or the plains where black pigs run freely in Alentejo - the center region of Portugal. And how? Feitoria’s dishes use unbelievable produce. Expect seeing huge cuttlefish coming to your table or fish cut in different parts before eating your dish. Because the chefs want you to see where each and every ingredient comes from. The star of the night: scarlet shrimp with all its head juice taken with the help of a duck press in front of you. Feitoria’s chef João Rodrigues is only 40 years old and has still seen it all, being in the profession for more than 20 years, and has been a mentor for many others who are now in the business.