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Taberna da Rua das Flores

Taberna da Rua das Flores is the choice of restaurateurs and chefs. Chef André Magalhães used to work at some of Lisbon’s best fine dining restaurants, and almost didn’t sleep so he could go and buy directly to local producers. But as he says “clients didn’t understand the difference between a potato coming from Portugal or Turkey”. Therefore André decided to create his own restaurant. Taberna brings back the the old taverns that were very common in Lisbon as well some of traditional and forgotten dishes. André sees Taberna as the way to go back to Lisbon’s origin, to the basics. And thank god. If you want to try Portuguese traditional dishes with a twist - André inserts some Asian flavours to his dishes inspired by Portuguese voyages - this is the place to go. Everyday there is a menu on the chalkboard that one of the waiters brings to your table and all the dishes are made to share at dinnertime (at lunch, bigger and single plates are served). There are no reservations, so don’t forget to either go early or late — but please don’t miss it.