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Tasca da Esquina

Portuguese taverns - or tascas - are known for serving traditional comfort food. Chef Vitor Sobral and Hugo Nascimento have renovated an old corner space in the lively family neighbourhood Campo de Ourique in 2008, and since then Tasca da Esquina is a modern restaurant maintaining the essence of the old tascas - as simple and down-to-earth as the latter. The dishes are a reinterpretation of the classic Portuguese dishes but keeping their seasoning and flavors. At Tasca da Esquina, you have three options: a tasting menu of 4, 5 or 6 dishes of the day, main individual dishes or petiscos (small plates to share). Either way, you shouldn’t go out of the restaurant without trying the cockles with lemon, the octopus salad with sweet potato and coriander, the chicken liver with pickled pear, shredded cod with potato and egg and fried gizzards with chives and cherries.