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Quo Vadis

It's summer. In parts of the world it means that oysters should be avoided, in some other parts it means that it's not as frowned upon to drink a bottle of Whispering Angel, in London it means that you should go to Quo Vadis. Jeremy Lee, one of the greatest living human beings, took over the kitchen about 6 years ago after having created a cult following at Blueprint Café, and even though he can turn any meal into a childhood memory you didn't have, it's the desserts he's world class at. He's to a trifle what Theresa May is to disgracefulness. He can take a ripe summer berry, double cream and some sugar and create 20 different recipes, all making you believe you've never actually tried said berry before. Give him some eggs and he can create a 1000. If you want to fill up before. Literally anything on the every changing menu will satisfy you.