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Rochelle Canteen at ICA

The most dangerous question to ask yourself in London, is if you'd rather have lunch at Rochelle Canteen. It makes every other restaurant visit feel futile and a poor alternative. You would stop going out at all. Because there is nothing better, than lunch at Rochelle Canteen. Margot Henderson's idea of life, how to live it, where to live and what to put in your mouth, is what we want to live. A simple roughly cut piece of excellent produce, served next to another excellent produce, and that's it. This is where you learn why flavor combinations that seems obvious, aren't. And always drink at least three glasses of French white wine, any really, to stumble out rose cheeked and content on the Mall after a few lovely lunch hours. With the newly opened second location at the iconic ICA, it's more accessible than ever. You no longer have to find yourself taking the wrong turn in Shoreditch on the off chance that you have errands there, but can squeeze it in daily. You should really squeeze it in daily.