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La Cour des Lions

The world-famous repertoar of Moroccan food can naturally be found in every street, square and corner in Marrakech. But if you fancy eating it with a spectacular view, and quite often you do, then head to the iconic five-star hotel Es Saadi Palace and its restaurant La Cour des Lions. Overlooking the Atlas mountains as well as the enticing gardens belonging to the hotel, and the interior shows off some delicate Moroccan crafts and arts within the modernist stylish decor. Acclaimed Moroccan star chef Fatema Hall has taken the North African food experience to the next level and offers traditional Moroccan food with a tiny modern twist and beautiful presentations. Do dress up a bit and enjoy the atmosphere, it really is that kind of place. You won’t find this resto much in the touristic guide books, it’s a hidden gem amongst expats and locals, who love stopping by for a drink in the lobby bar both before and after dinner. in. Es Saadi is strong favourite with the Hollywood crowd and international entertainment business, and in a very discreet manner, so you never know who you might stand next to in the elevator.