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Der Dantler

Until last summer his place was one of the most talked about casual fine dining places in Germany. Offering a kind of „bavarian tapas“ of cured and smoked meat and fish plates and small entrees preluding a substantial pièce de résistance served family style for the whole table, a locally sourced whole char from the surrounding lakes for example, venison from the mountains or cote de boeuf from Bavaria. Booked for weeks ahead and then under a different name the team surrounding Jochen Kreppel have now muted the place from a dinner-only restaurant to a daytime deli that offers a splendid menu at lunch serving pastrami sandwiches and pasta. Or the delicious „Giesing Ramen“, a bowl of beef stock with homemade egg noodles, a cured egg, some fresh and marinated vegetables and cubes of the most crispy pork cracklings you may find in the whole of Bavaria. The Dantler is open in the evenings with a more elaborate menu, but for very early diners only, the place closes at 9pm sharp. Every Friday night, the place is open like in the old times, but with a prepaid ticket system that for the moment can only be obtained at the premises, so get in line for a ticket and stay lucky!