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In a town famous for its beer gardens it took Munich a while to get a true wine bar worthy of its name. Grapes was an overnight success from the start and is the best place in town for pre-dinner drinks and becomes a hangout for somms and chefs after hours, as one can see from the tagged bring-your-own treasures that gets emptied here way after midnight. The wine list is a good mix of trendy natural or biodynamic wines from Jura to the usual suspects like Arianna Occhipinti, bavarian native Dominik Huber’s Terroir al limit or a Chateau Musar. There’s also a full repertoar of German and Austrian corporate wines. The bar food accompanying the large selection of wines by the glass goes from Flammkuchen to salmon tartar to a nice selection of cheese from the Tölzer Kasladen. After all, a quick visit to Grapes often leads to cancelling the dinner reservation elsewhere.