where you need to eat right now
Station 6

In 2016, Allison Vega and husband, Drew Knoll, opened a laid-back restaurant in Bucktown. (Right across the Orleans parish line.) It’s set on an oyster shell lot in the shadow of a new billion dollar pumping station that promises to push flood water out of New Orleans. Ergo the restaurant’s name. The food is modern: seared pompano with curried brown butter and toasted cashews, charbroiled oyster pasta, grilled salmon tacos, Mamere’s crabmeat casserole, a duroc pork chop with Bourbon sweet potatoes, a prime strip that my table mate ordered topped with fried oysters under melted brie. And then he ordered dessert! The buttermilk drop bread pudding with butterscotch sauce. Who knew stale donuts could be resurrected into something so heavenly?