where you need to eat right now

As we drunkenly fall into fall, and New York becomes its prettiest, we start enjoying hot food and plentiful of carbs again. We want things less licked by fire, and more incarcerated in casseroles. Greek cooking, even though designed for long summers, is actually some of the best autumnal cuisines with a bias for slow cooking and roasting. At Kiki's on Division Street (at the intersection of Chinatown and Santorini), October and November will be as fun and unorthodox as a Greek finance minister. The atmosphere is like if winter isn't coming, and the food some of the best value for money in all of New York. Get the sausage, the roast chicken, the lamb chops, several bread baskets with dips and three quick bottles of the $15 retsina (that has a taste of pine and honey).