where you need to eat right now

An unassuming new place in less unassuming Fort Greene that only shows a hint of what you can expect when you notice the open wood fire at the back of the open kitchen. That’s what they use to cook with, no gas, no electricity. Chef Norberto Piattoni's worked for legendary Argentinian pitmaster Francis Mallmann for 4 years, travelled around South America and then spent time at Bar Tartine in SF. You can taste the trail from Argentina via Uruguay and California to Brooklyn in the food. To start, oysters with an excellent seasonal mignonette and a touch of fire, also order the excellent flatbread and move on to crispy lamb and the seasonal greens (right now there’s plenty of dandelion), and then all of the larger meat dishes. The pork if you have to chose only one. Norberto knows meat. If you can, sit by the chef’s counter and order a magnum of rosé.