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The Grill

Don't go here. It's expensive like a Wall Street bailout. But if you're still reading and if there's something in you that fears that the finest things in life has to hurt, you'll love The Grill. It hurts from the intimidatingly expensive art surrounding your entrance and it hurts when you notice the staff trying to subtly estimate your wealth. And as there will always be a more expensive suit or dress in the world, we recommend dressing down dramatically, down to a fleece and go for the tech executive look. It's the only way they'll presume you're a billionaire and will skip the wine upsells. Once seated, the food is genuinely good reflects true New York food culture. Anything served table side is a real indulgence, meats are carved like renaissance statues and fish roasted to slip straight off the bone like a Dior dress. And always finish with the off menu banana eclairs.