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Apart from Saturne being an anagram for Natures, this is a restaurant where you will arguably find the world’s largest selection of so-called natural wines. Sommelier Ewen Lemoigne has sourced the wines from the most revered and iconic little artisan winemakers in especially France for many years now, just enter a conversation with him about your preferences and taste and he will guide you, and surprise you, with his highly personal choices. But this is not a wine bar at all (go to their other resto Clown Bar for that), it’s instead very much a restaurant at the forefront of the bistronomy revolution. All thanks to the delicately skilled and creative hands of chef Sven Chartier; formerly a disciple of the iconic chef Alain “the vegetable-whisperer” Passard. Tasting menu only, expect a ride of spontaneous combinations such as sepia with lardo or oyster with raspberry, perhaps you will be served black walnut ice cream with an orange and yuzu tart. But the kitchen is very open-minded about the ever-changing nature of products so if you return soon, don’t bank on getting exactly the same dish twice. Clean space, airy and bright, and the international foodie hipsters sit just next to sophisticated old parisian ladies-who-lunch.