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Bruno Verjus, a foodie personality in France for years. As a blogger and a critic, a lover of the finest and rarest quality ingredients, and a pioneer in the world of natural wines. As the self-taught chef and indulgent eater that he is, the only logical progression for him was to open his own restaurant. Table opened four years ago, and got its first Michelin star very recently. Hidden out in the 12th arrondissement, a manifestation to the best wild products out there. Cooked with light-handed perfection; sometimes plain and simple, sometimes with the addition of daring but caring flavour pairings. Egg yolk cured in sea water, with a touch of sambal oelek can start an evening or lunch, to be followed by his own take of “reversed-ceviche” of Dorado fish or incredible turbot. A new-style gnocchi, so light it almost falls apart, yet with super-concentrated potato flavour, is his latest discovery and just like many other items on the menu, it will completely turn around your image of what food could be, and should be. Even if Table is an artisan atelier, or food studio if you will, it’s still very much a place where you let loose and enjoy, it’s not pretentious or contrived – just fun dining at its very finest.