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Under normal circumstances, a fast food spot with just a few high tops and no table service wouldn’t make a list of a city’s five hottest tables, but Pizzarium is no ordinary place. Gabriele Bonci’s legendary pizza by the slice joint has elevated Rome’s ubiquitous street food to an art form, a fact that has earned him the title “Michelangelo of dough”. Each day, Pizzarium serves pizza with dozens of toppings, which often change with the season—look for combos featuring persimmon, romanesco, pumpkin, and artichokes in cold weather and zucchini, peppers, and eggplant when it warms up. You’ll always find a handful of constants like tomato with oregano and potato with mozzarella, so mix and match these classics with creative seasonal slices, all sold by weight from a crowded counter near the Vatican.