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Salumeria Roscioli

The Roscioli family has been feeding Rome’s historic center for more than a decade, beginning in the early 1970s at their historic bakery Antico Forno Roscioli. Over a decade ago, they turned the family deli into a wine bar and restaurant, which has redefined gourmet dining in Rome. Departing from the classic trattoria format so common in this part of town, the Rosciolis offer a dizzying array of cheeses, cured meats, pastas, and mains. The sheer size of the menu may be overwhelming at first, but stick to key dishes for the best results—the burrata, butter and anchovies on toast, mortadella, and buffalo ricotta from the delicatessen, followed by cacio e pepe, gricia, or carbonara from the kitchen. Roscioli books up at least a few days in advance, but you can usually snag a seat or two at the bar in the late afternoon or late evening. Wine drinkers will love leafing through the two wine lists (domestic and imported) and be sure to peruse the incredible selection of digestifs.