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Al Janiah

One might say that al Janiah isn’t even the best Lebanese food in town. And probably you can really get great Lebanese, Syrian and Armenian food around São Paulo. But Al Janiah now is a place of resistance that closes this list very well. Organized by a Palestinian descendant, the place was created to provide work and keep alive the culture of the refugees and immigrants arriving from Middle Eastern (especially Palestine). It serves simple commercial beer, but produces a great Mezze and also amazingly light and tasty falafel, other nice dishes such as Fattah and Bread comes from a not so big list. Most of the cooks have just arrived in Brazil. It also has an extensive program of music presentations, intellectual debates and courses for history, politics and culture themes. The place is not fancy at all and stay in a neighborhood that was characterized as an old Italian neighborhood. Worth the visit and the support, try the falafel!