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Osteria del Pettirosso

It’s a small italian-style osteria run by the couple who owns it and the chef, the roman Marco Renzetti, has been living in Brazil for 10 years and is exceedingly good at cooking fish and seafood. There’s also a smashing version here of Spaghetti Pomodoro, with high acidity and freshness. Scratch the surface and you discover a deep knowledge of Italian food history; sometimes you can get some pajata or other historical dishes that turn up if the chef finds the right kind of fresh ingredients. Unlike most Italian food places in Brazil, Pettirosso delivers a simpler and fresher version, since they shy away from the very heavy food brought from the Italian immigrants coming to Brazil in late 19 th century. It’s a modern take, not falling into the folkloric Italian food scene that prevails in most sites in São Paulo. Pettirosso is also a hotspot for sensational natural wines – considering the difficulty of at all bringing those wines to Brazil – maybe one of the best in town.