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Ale Wino

A wine bar and a restaurant hidden in a backyard of one of the most fashionable spots in Warsaw, Mokotowska street. Unlike the posh neighborhood, Sebastian Wełpa’s cuisine is not ostentatious nor bumptious. In fact, Sebastian is one of the most humble chefs in Warsaw and everything you need to know about him is reflected in the food he puts on a plate. From a goose terrine with pine sprouts jelly to a trout with burnt cabbage and saffron milk cap – it’s a comforting and pleasantly addictive food. Simple combinations of seasonal ingredients are in symbiosis with wines carefully selected by a sommelier Jakub Pasternak. This is the place you will never get tired of. Oh, and don’t miss their legendary celeriac ravioli with cauliflower and burnt butter. It’s top-notch!