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Atelier Amaro

In 2013 Atelier Amaro was awarded the first Michelin star (and first ever in the country), which brought a new beginning to a contemporary Polish food scene. And Wojciech Modest Amaro still is one of the most acclaimed and recognizable chefs in and from Poland. Fairly reasonably, since his food reflects vividly the country’s rich terroir and culinary identity. The idea he developed around searching products helped him to create a ‘calendar of nature’, a special method of cataloguing local ingredients and using them at the very best moment in season. It is all about choosing a perfect moment to use a certain vegetable, herb or meat. That’s why the courses at his Atelier are called ‘moments’. When you’re there in spring, in the 11th week, you can catch the moment for turbot with ramson and if you visit in the 45th week in autumn, you’ll have a chance to get quince combined with pumpkin or catfish with celery velouté. The usage of every ingredient has a purpose and meaning here. There’s no fixed menu, only slight changes every day, and some more serious – weekly. Thanks to his scrutiny, Amaro keeps consistency and diversity in every dish. You can tell, that the chef and his team put a lot of emotions in their cooking so that every ‘moment’ can be indeed – emotional for a guest. Whether tasting almost invisible ‘potato glass’ amuse bouche with lovage or whether sipping broth with fermented salsify and wild strawberries, you will have this feeling that it’s a perfect way to catch the sense of the place.