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Bez Gwiazdek

Trained at elBulli and Noma, Robert Trzópek brings a new quality into Polish dining. Not with an emphasis on luxury, but more on a relaxed experience, the place he runs is a promise of a perfect, yet unpretentious meal. In fact, the chef underlined it clearly in the restaurant’s name: Bez Gwiazdek means "no stars". Whether it’s a humble or a feisty term, the restaurant deserves attention, for its food and concept. Every month Robert presents a new menu focusing on regional Polish products and traditional dishes from different parts of the country. Hats off – it takes great effort to do research and time to connect with new producers so often. Every month aroused foodies are whispering about the entirely new tasting menu. It is hardly surprising, since for many diners Robert’s food is a great source of inspiration and new discoveries. It’s not common in Warsaw to get czernina (goose or duck blood soup from Mazovia and Greater Poland), hekele (Silesian herring salad) or marinated in vinegar fish from Lubuskie Province. Here you have a chance to try these in a contemporary and unadorned interpretation. The food is simple, prepared with great meticulousness and knowledge, as befits a chef working in Michelin-starred restaurants. Opened only for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. Make sure to book a table since the restaurant sits only 30 people.