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Rozbrat 20

Place of many faces. Started as a high-end bakery and wine corner to develop into fully grown-up neo-bistro. All thanks to the chef Bartosz Szymczak and a clever restaurateur Daniel Pawełek. As it exists as a threefold place, you can pop in there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a hip Powiśle area. Bart has spent more of his cooking career abroad than he did in Poland. Before he decided to come back home, with previous work experience in the UK at Tom Aikens and the Typing Room, he set out on an adventure with One Star House Party pop-up restaurant which took
him all the way to Hong Kong, New York and San Francisco. This was shortly before he made a guest appearance in Rozbrat 20 and stayed for good, bringing new energy into the kitchen. In his cooking, you can spot an excitement with newly discovered Polish products, which he sources at the great food hall Hala Mirowska and the farmers market at Forteca. In the menu, you’ll find a lot of distinctive local ingredients like herring, pork, beet, horseradish, quince or lovage. But Bart doesn't hesitate to incorporate also foreign products into his menu and serve f.eg. mussels and lavender sauce to a (very Polish) wild zander. After all, it’s all about connecting his inspirations from all his travels. Go for a six-course tasting menu and come back in the morning for breakfast—their bread is exceptional.