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A fairly new eatery opened by a young foodie Mateusz Suchecki. Playing with the concept of milk bars, this witty ‘tavern’ is all about homemade food and best quality ingredients. Unlike in traditional milk bars, here you will be taken care of and will know where your food comes from. The giant juicy pork chop – in the ‘schabowy’ title dish – comes in three variants: made of regular pork, Złotnicka native breed or the Hungarian Mangalica pig farmed in Warmia region. Do not expect fancy plating nor contemporary approach to Polish food. It is what it is – a traditional restaurant. Be prepared for soothing sorrel soup or tripe soup served with homemade bread, or delicate herrings with onion, and pleasantly filling potato babka. Also, this is one of the best places to try pierogi. Don’t you dare to go to all of these touristy pierogi places in the Old Town – take a taxi instead, and go off the beaten track to Schabowy. Don’t be discouraged by its unusual setting. The restaurant is located in the office and new residential area for a reason – to feed homesick white collar workers and creatives sick of sushi bars. This is as close to grandma’s cooking as you can get.